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Retaining Happy Customers

The growing base of new-age customers is compelling the Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Industry (BFSI) to redirect their efforts on a richer customer experience. This is necessary, as an influx of easily accessible choices means BFSI customers are all too willing to change their service providers at the drop of a hat. In order to drive customer retention and profitability, the BFSI sector must consider enhancement initiatives and an integrated customer-focused framework that offers an engaging user experience.

A robust and scalable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution can help banks deliver more accurate and personalized services as well as a superior customer experience.

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The Proven Benefits of CRM in the BFSI Industry

  • An effective CRM solution improves efficiency across branch offices by streamlining disparate business processes and providing a single repository for all customer data, queries, requests and complaints. A centralized system prevents data duplication in terms of customer information and augments business efficiency.
  • A robust CRM solution helps the BFSI sector gain a single, consolidated view of customer data and better understand customer preferences. This in turn helps them to deliver a better consumer experience to boost customer satisfaction levels.
  • A CRM solution helps the BFSI sector effectively track sales activities, isolate key trends, and identify their most coveted customers with powerful analytics and real-time dashboards.

How Direction Can Help?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you increase the efficiency of your core business processes, deliver improved customer service and boost customer satisfaction levels. Direction, a trusted Microsoft Partner, can help you leverage the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and help you drive more profitable customer relationships to give you an edge in this competitive sector.


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