Maximizing Business Efficiency in the Shipping Industry

The Logistics Industry has faced immense growth in recent years, leading to what is now a hyper-competitive landscape. The tremendous competition in this sector has made it essential for logistics-based companies to finely optimize their disparate business processes in order to reach a higher operational efficiency.

A comprehensive ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV can play a crucial role in automating and integrating order management, route planning and monitoring, fleet management, management reporting and other key processes, enabling savvy businesses to edge out their competitors.

Direction - Industries - Logistics

How Direction Can Help?

Direction’s integrated ERP solutions can help logistics companies achieve greater business efficiencies. These solutions can:

  • Help companies do away with manual and duplicate administrative tasks, cutting down operating costs and saving time as well as resources
  • Help in cargo tracking, route planning and monitoring, fleet management, analytical tracking and other complicated processes
  • Tighten internal controls and workflow, leading to a more efficient process
  • Help a company allocate it’s resources effectively through every department and process
  • Help prepare MIS reports with ease


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