Web Technologies

Generic Features

  • Mobile friendly and responsive user interface for easy usage and more options under one roof
  • Login page along with Change and Forgot password options and login and sign ups can be by registering or by using already existing social media login
  • CMS designed to support the management of the content of web pages like About Us, Contact Us, Support, Privacy Policies, Help, Terms & Conditions and FAQs
  • Chat option for online support
  • Ratings and Reviews, where the users can rate their app / website experience
  • Newsletters and alerts for the users to inform them of offers and discount on the ads they are interested in
  • Options for buying various premium services for some additional prices
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • Social media integration and sharing updates on social media
  • Verification process of the account holder during registration, via email or phone

Exhibitor Features

  • Simplified registration and verification process along with social media integration. That is the users can log in through already existing accounts on social media like Facebook
  • Manage user profile will let the user update his profile details, profile image or any other details that may have changed or are new
  • Option to save the recent search and to mark favorite for a quick view of the ad/product for next time
  • Premium services can be made available at an additional cost
  • Receive notification on new ads posted by other users on similar products that a particular user was searching for
  • Option to contact the Viewers through chat functionality in regards with the ads
  • Chat management will let the user email or save a chat. One can also delete or archive old chats
  • Purchase management will give a detailed list of the ads you are interested in, the products purchased and all the transactions related details
  • Return management allows the user to request for return of the product if it does not match it’s description on the site, or if it was damaged when delivered

Viewer Features

  • Easy registration and verification process to validate personal details. Social media integration is also possible for logging in
  • Customized dashboard, that would help easy navigation by providing all the important links on the main page
  • Manage user profile will let the user update his profile details, profile image or any other details that may have changed or are new
  • Manage ads, would give an option of adding, editing or deleting ads. Uploading ad related documents or pictures. View the history of posted and viewed ads. Get updates on any new change on the viewed ads
  • Premium services can be made available at an additional cost
  • Option to view charts and activity graphs of your own account, which would display the number of users who visited your ad, users that expressed interest in the ad and whether any user has bargained for the quoted amount
  • Return management gives the Viewers a chance to take back the product if it was delivered damaged or if the damage was done after the delivery then they can reject the request from the Exhibitor and raise a dispute

Admin Features

  • Dashboard – the admin user will have a detailed dashboard allowing easy navigation and a control panel
  • Location Management will allow the admin user to add new, edit existing and delete locations like cities, sub areas that reflect on the site
  • Category management will let the admin user find the list of all the categories and by clicking any of them will give the detailed information. Admin will also be able to add new categories by providing the necessary information or update the existing ones
  • Sub Category management lets admin the find list of all the sub-categories with an option to update the information of existing ones as well as add new ones. For each subcategory admin can add or update extra field as per subcategory
  • The admin user will also have an option for managing all the existing or new members. This will also let the admin make certain changes to the already existing profiles
  • Admin can also manage ads, where ads can be deleted or moved to other categories and can be allowed to be displayed in more than one category
  • Newsletter and subscription management will give the admin the rights to add different users to various types of newsletters
  • Mail template functionality can be used by the admin to update all the email templates for posting ads, offers and discounts etc
  • Transaction management helps give a list of all transaction processed by a user. Admin can view all the payment details of each transaction
  • Support for multi – lingual and multi – currency
  • Admin can add a specific IP to the block list. Also admin can see the number of time user came to the site when the user was blocked. Admin can also easily unblock any IP with just one click to remove it from the block list
  • Site Management: From this section admin will be able to manage the basic information of the site. You can set the social media link and integrate to your site
  • Return management lets the admin solve the dispute between the Viewers and Exhibitors. This is done on basis of the product images and history on the site


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