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With many years experience supplying computerized solutions to the Cataloguing Industry, Direction are the ideal company to satisfy your requirements with a system built for your industry.

We pride ourselves with offering a turnkey service including hardware, software, project management, implementation and training. Both Pre and Post sales consultants with substantial experience in the Catalogue Industry will work with you to enable the effective introduction and on-going development of your computer system.

Direction Solutions - Catalogue / Online - Product Data Management

Product Data Management (PDM)

PDM Systems with complete product description including Images, Measurement charts, sketches and integration of Media assets from Photo shoots. Product Structure and referencing with flexible attributes across products categories.

Direction Solutions - Catalogue / Online - Planning


Planning and Simulation Systems (forecasting) to derive the correct pricing and profitability  for a catalogue house. Assortment Planning & Demand forecasting for various channels and new Collections.

Direction Solutions - Catalogue / Online - Procurement


Procurement and PIM System including E-Catalog, Fabric-Based-Bundling, uction creation module, Reverse Auction Platforms, Planning and Budgeting. Tracking Cotton Made in Africa from farm to finished product for the Aid By Trade Foundation

Direction Solutions - Catalogue / Online - Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management(SCM)

Sourcing System - Block / Sample Orders, E-Catalogue, Order Processing, Inspection, Commission, Claims, Commissions (including royalty settlements) & Shipments. Order placement, Order Processing, Rebuying, Media Production and Forecast

Direction Solutions - Catalogue / Online - Logistics


Shipment from Suppliers direct to end Customers, Freight Tracking System from Forwarder to Buyer. Web based purchase & shipment monitoring, integrated with suppliers & freight forwarders

Direction Solutions - Catalogue / Online - Data Processing

Data Processing

Shipment documents data Entered into the Hermes system – and Remote printing of Documents at the warehouse before arrival of Shipments. Back end office support for Data entry into the E-Catalogue system & support to suppliers

Direction Solutions - Catalogue / Online - Engineering


Maintaining and supporting the EKR Central system and multiple interfaces sending data across the buying Process. Migration & Re-engineering of Legacy systems, applications and databases with Automated Testing of One Stop Shopping


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