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Artificial Intelligence at Direction

Direction’s AI team of skilled AI professionals possesses extensive experience in providing effective IT and business solutions to a diverse range of international clients across various sectors including utilities, retail, telecom, healthcare, and eCommerce.

Our professionals have past expertise creating forecasting solutions for clients across many locations using native and cloud deployments in the utilities and healthcare industries.

Expertise in designing AI/ML solutions and knowledge of well-known libraries, tools, and platforms.

They have developed and implemented advanced forecasting solutions for clients across multiple locations, utilizing both native and cloud-based deployments within the utilities and healthcare domains.

Additionally, we have a proven proficiency in designing cutting-edge AI/ML solutions, complemented by a thorough understanding of widely recognized libraries, tools, and platforms including Python, Deep-Learning, GluonTS, Keras, ANN, FB Prophet, Google TFT, Mlflow, Apache Airflow etc.

Direction - AI Solutions

Our Forecasting Solution includes both AI and non-AI-based algorithms, with a fallback model using linear regression to generate forecasts for the base region when data is lacking due to duration or Covid patterns.

Demand-potential forecast

Direction - AI Solutions

A suite of artificial neural network (ANN)-based models was implemented to supplant a legacy algorithmic approach for demand-potential prediction across 12 regions encompassing over 290,000 stock-keeping units (SKUs) distributed across diverse product lines.

Top-flop predictions

Direction - AI Solutions

Direction developed a solution to pinpoint high-performing and low-performing products across diverse product lines through a customized iteration of the artificial neural network (ANN)-based demand-potential forecast solution.

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