Outsource Development

Get your internal IT team reliable expert external support by outsourcing your development to us

Outsource Development

We deliver full-cycle software development services in a variety of technology stacks and business domains. We provide access to a dedicated software development team including; designers, developers, testers and a project manager.

The Direction Software Advantage

Global Extension of Your IT Firm

Extend your in-house team with diversified skill sets in technologies like Java, Python, Php, Dot Net, Android, iOS, React Native, Full Stack, DevOps, AIML, BI etc.

The external and internal teams function as a single unit with constant, direct communication between all the team members.

Quality work coupled with cost-effectiveness

Our US clients have cut down their costs by up to 40%. European, UK clients save anywhere from 35 to 55% partnering with us.

Also, the lower cost does not come at the expense of quality. You can pick from an international pool of thoroughly vetted top-level engineers with a proven track record of delivering excellent results.


It only takes a couple of weeks to set up an extended team compared to months if you decide to hire. You can quickly scale it up or down as per your project requirements.

Team onboarding and Integration

The onboarding process helps to synchronize the extended development team with the client practices, methodologies, and culture.

We also pick the best collaboration tools to connect the two teams like Jira, Confluence, Slack, Teams etc.

Faster Time to Market

In addition to saving a substantial amount of time on recruitment and setup, you also get to speed things up by having additional resources work on the same software development project simultaneously.

By sharing and distributing tasks among themselves, your engineers will get more work done in less time.

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Some of our Outsourced Development clients

Outsourced Development Testimonials

So many success stories…
Here are just a few testimonials from some of our satisfied customers. We could not fit them all on this page please CLICK HERE to see more…

Thanks for the new exe. First of all I would like to accredit your work, you are always working with a high motivation and notes like inconsistences of yesterday shows that you are very assiduous, we really appreciate that and are happy to have such a colleague in India.


Henning Chantre – Project Manager

Thanks a lot for your support! As always soooo Good to have you and your team as support.

OTTO Versand

Anja Schlösser – Senior Manager

Today I had a final call with the stakeholders regarding the go live of d:cision anker and the replacement of d:warehouse which was a web based application.

All the stakeholders and I are very satisfied with the results and especially with your work. You did a great job and d:cision is so much faster and we can load a lot more data than before. Thanks to everyone else that supported d:cision and the go live. Many thanks from Anne and Mora ?


Morwarid Bryce – Project Manager

It actually happened, WE made it happen: CPT IS LIVE!!!! I would like to thank you all for your hard work during this project, we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for all the late nights and weekend work, you’re the reason this project was possible.

I’m grateful to have had such a great team to support me during my last project by Bonprix. But don’t worry, Nathalie is still going to be in this project ? She will still annoy you.


Morwarid Bryce – Project Manager

We have been running the d:product screen “Style browse” on our own database (-service) for a little over a month now and no longer on the Elastic Search Cluster. And the performance is still very good. This has been a very big step for us as bonprix and especially for us as the people responsible for the d:product application. We owe this achievement in large part to your developments regarding better performance!

My Team and I would like to thank you all for this.

With this, d:product has taken the decisive step towards independence and also a big step towards more stability. We are already looking forward to the next topics that we will implement together for bonprix and make available to our users.


Benjamin Rombkowsky – Product Lead Masterdata & Product