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Back Office Support Services

Lower your operational overheads and increase data accuracy by outsourcing your backend to Direction Software

Back Office Support Services

At Direction Software, we understand that any gaps in processes can lead to difficulties running a business effectively. A detailed process flow is derived in consultation with the clients to provide high-quality services. Our teams collaborate with the customers to periodically evaluate the operations and optimize them by filling gaps.

Back Office Support Services by Direction Software

Direction Data Management

Data Management

Data is the new oil, and we understand its importance. We organize and process large amounts of data generated by organizations in printed, electronic, and other formats.

We also conduct timely follow-ups to update the missing data, if any. Our Quality Control Team checks the data at different levels to ensure error less data.

Direction Document Management System

Document Management System

We store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based information captured through a document scanner.

We also provide an interface to share the document on the Client’s server. It enables the clients to easily access and refer to the documents required through this interface.

Direction Training and Development

Training and Development

Our experienced trainers train buyers, suppliers, and different entities of the supplier chain to use new functionality or any existing application.

They also double up as System Analysts. They understand the user requirements and coordinate with the Development Team to upgrade the application as per the client specifications.

Direction Customer Support Service

Customer Support Service

We offer a diverse range of services, right from core business services to specialized operations, including compliance and supply chain.

Customer Support Services provided by Direction allow the companies to handle various customer-related issues effectively and resolve their queries promptly. It helps our clients to improve customer satisfaction and create a strong relationship and goodwill with them.

Direction Technical Support

Technical Support

We provide technical support to our clients via e-mail, telephone, instant messaging via Teams, and even on-site.

We focus on solving their specific problems related to computer software and improve the utility of our clients’ products by increasing customer satisfaction and timely resolution of their queries.

Direction Order Management

Order Management

We offer order quoting, order processing, adding missing information, and order entry services at Direction.

Our clients hire us for driving their order fulfillment process, order management, and order processing.

Direction Software QA and Testing

Software QA and Testing

Our Software QA and Testing team ensures that the software is conducting tasks and functions as expected. It should enable end-users to efficiently and effectively manage their work.

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Back Office Testimonials

So many success stories…
Here are just a few testimonials from some of our satisfied customers. We could not fit them all on this page please CLICK HERE to see more…

I was on 06 June by our customer in Dusseldorf and we are spoke about data quality in Log Net. I should praise you for a good work. They are very satisfied with the quality of data.

Hermes International Germany

Alexey Sergiyakov

It was a wonderful time working with you. You and your team were super-efficient and very helpful with any of my requests. I can only pray to god to have partners like you in the future again!

Hermes International Germany

Paul Loeffler – Supply Chain Analyst