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Build a strong bond with your customers by serving them better


In the service industry, a business has to be customer-centric. A company should constantly and actively look for ways to remain competitive by seeking greater business agility and improve customer satisfaction. It’s imperative to understand consumer requirements, increase customer loyalty and improve operational efficiency while still focusing on your core business.

We at Direction provide you with the best IT systems and solutions that will help you enhance customer experience and enable you to exceed customer expectations more often than not.

Technological Challenges faced by our clients from the Services Industry
  • Systems with limited capabilities and minimum features and functionalities
  • Inability to track partner/franchise activities using the existing systems
  • Using multiple systems across different departments resulting in data silos and data duplication
  • Inability to create customized reports as per user requirements and providing reports’ access to multiple stakeholders
Solutions offered by Direction Software
  • Integration and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Solution
  • Data migration, implementation, and upgradation to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Integrated system to manage all the activities related to the POS, the HR, and Payroll System
  • Develop a customised portal with advanced reporting features and user access capabilities
  • A better view of the cash flow and increased profit margins
  • A system that helps streamline operations and increase process efficiency and effectiveness across different departments
  • Reduction in data redundancy, data entry errors, and the time and resources spent on data management
  • Receive real-time insights helping stakeholders to create reports easily and make decisions

Some of our Services Industry clients

Direction Client - Elcome