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Streamlined and efficient logistics processes are critical for the success of a product. It ensures that the right product is delivered at the right time to the consumer. Hence, it is imperative for logistics-based companies to finely optimize their disparate business processes to reach higher operational efficiency.

A comprehensive solution can play a crucial role in automating and integrating order management, route planning and monitoring, fleet management, management reporting and other critical processes, enabling businesses to gain an edge over their competitors.

Technological Challenges faced by our clients from the Logistics Industry
  • Lack of real-time visibility
  • Solutions with limited customization capabilities and fewer features
  • Increase in data entry errors related to shipping during seasonal peaks
Solutions offered by Direction Software
  • Development of an innovative, real-time, and web-based custom applicationIt facilitated the consolidation of data and gave instant access to information
  • Use of latest technologies like AJAX framework and Vaadin and migration of legacy interfaces to Java-based technology
  • A single team to provide back-office support with the flexibility to scale up or down as and when required
  • Improvement in the firm’s productivity and product visibility
  • Reduction in costs, better security, and enhanced user experience
  • Seamless continuation of processes and support during transition to a work from home environment due to the COVID 19 pandemic

Our Logistics Industry clients

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This version corresponds to 100% to my request. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of your support and I desire to express my praise.


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