Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an upgraded and re-branded version of an on-premise ERP Navision, which Microsoft acquired in 2002. Since 2018, Microsoft has stopped offering it to new users. They recommend the NAV customers migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an evolved version introduced by Microsoft to strengthen their long-term on-cloud strategy. It is built on the same foundation as that of NAV and offers all features by NAV plus some more.

If you are currently using Microsoft NAV ERP, you should consider switching to Microsoft Business Central for the reasons listed below.

1. Upgraded version with better capabilities

As mentioned, Microsoft has stopped offering new licenses as well as upgrades to Microsoft NAV. It helps the user transition to Business Central either to an on-cloud or an on-premise version. The on-premise version is very similar to the NAV version in terms of its working but has better capabilities.

For the on-premise version, you can buy perpetual licenses like in the case of NAV. The on-cloud version of Business Central is available as a “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) model by paying subscription fees.

2. Pay-per-use and scalability options

As you pay subscription fees for on-cloud Business Central, you pay as per the licenses bought. Also, as the business grows, you can easily scale up by adding more users and quickly ramp up the activities to match the pace at which your company is growing.

3. Business Central is a cost-effective option

As a business using NAV, you will incur additional expenses to update it. The updates have to be purchased and then implemented. It may also require additional investment in the infrastructure. Also, some businesses implement customizations or integrations within the NAV ecosystem. It may take some time to stabilize it and make it compatible with the updated version of NAV.

In the case of the on-cloud version of Business Central, the Microsoft team releases automatic updates twice a year. A business doesn’t have to pay additionally for these updates as they are already a part of the subscription fees. Also, Business Central updates have better compatibility with any customizations or integrations made by your team. Hence these updates are seamless.

4. Native and third-party Integration capabilities

Business central has strong integration capabilities with popular Microsoft products like Power Platform, Office 365, Microsoft Azure, etc. It also has a marketplace named AppSource that consists of thousands of compatible third-party apps. These apps can be easily integrated with Business Central and help businesses create end-to-end business solutions customized as per their specific business requirements.

5. Modern web interface similar to other Microsoft products

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has an intuitive, web-optimized interface. It provides better navigation than NAV. It is more user-friendly, better look and feel, and is more modern compared to NAV.

Its interface is very similar to other Microsoft products like Excel, Outlook, etc. Many users already use these products. It prevents the time spent on training the users, and also, the learning curve is not at all steep which results in faster adoption.

7. Advanced Business Insights

Business Central can bring all business-wide data under one roof and provide insights to the stakeholders in real-time. It can be integrated with Microsoft’s Power platform to introduce AI and ML based-capabilities. It also automates multiple processes. It helps stakeholders make data-driven decisions in real-time.

Automation helps boost employee productivity. It also frees up some of their time by automating routine tasks. The employees can use this free time to focus on more strategically critical goals.

If you want to migrate from Microsoft NAV to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can schedule a call with Microsoft certified experts at Direction Software.

Direction Software is a multicultural Information Technology Solutions and Business consulting company with Indo-German Management, headquartered in Mumbai, India. We are one of the first Microsoft partners in India, associated with Navision since 2000, and are a Microsoft Gold Partner since 2002.

We offer E-Business consulting, Back Office Support, Bespoke solutions on .Net, Java & open-source platforms, Business Intelligence, and Mobility Solutions.

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