Real Estate

Track all your leads and get real-time insights for your real-estate business

Real Estate

Technological advancements have drastically changed the way home buyers and real estate companies/agents interact with each other. Now- to a-days companies rely on data heavily to make decisions, nurture leads, and finding the right buyers for the right property.

The companies/agents strive to improve the customer experience at every touchpoint and win their trust. We at Direction understand this and provide IT solutions for the real estate industry that will help them, delight customers, at all stages and gain an edge over their competitors.

Technological Challenges faced by our clients from the Real Estate Industry

  • Data spread across multiple disintegrated systems resulting in inaccurate data, information loss, and delay in decision-making
  • Inability to track customer behaviour; and manage customer data, making it difficult for the sales team to track leads effectively
  • Delay in the closure of leads due to an unreliable sales pipeline
  • No real-time insights access and faulty reporting issues

Solutions offered by Direction Software

  • Implementation and integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Creation of a central repository to manage leads (qualified / disqualified) and customers
  • Use of reporting platforms like Power BI for real-time insights and reporting. Also, explore the flexibility of Power Automate for better agility
  • Implement a unified platform like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that delivers integrated functionality and support project, financial, operational, sales & marketing management


  • Stakeholders were able to access accurate and real-time information and make better business decisions quickly
  • Increase in Lead to Sales conversion rates by 40%
  • Easy to monitor leads, collected at a national level and distribute them to relevant teams
  • Increase in customer engagement by 50% due to real-time reporting and instant leads status

Some of our Real Estate Industry clients

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