Supply Chain Management

Increase business profitability with effective supply chain management solutions

Supply Chain Management

The supply chain of a business is the heart of the business. Any inefficiencies in supply chain management have a serious impact on the company’s bottom line. A business has to have complete visibility of all the stages, right from procuring raw materials to delivering finished goods to its customers at the right time.

We, at Direction, take pride in offering a turnkey solution, including hardware, software, project management, implementation, and training specific to the supply chain industry.

Technological Challenges faced by our clients from the Supply Chain Management Industry

  • No system capabilities to automate procurement process coupled with online reverse auction functionality
  • Lack of supply chain visibility due to the inability to monitor each stage
  • Legacy systems with limited features and functionalities
  • Lack of real-time information about goods in transit

Solutions offered by Direction Software

  • An online reverse auction system for procurement
  • Develop a comprehensive tracking system of Purchase, Sale & Acknowledgement to enable complete monitoring of the supply chain starting from producers and ending with retailers
  • Create a customised web portal as per the customer requirements and specifications
  • An innovative, real-time, web-based logistics solution that facilitates data consolidation and gives instant information access


  • A convenient one-stop shop for procurement and reverse auction requirements that helps reduce the complexity of dealing with multiple entities for the department
  • Increased supply chain visibility and boost in employee productivity
  • Better decision making and balance tracking at all levels, leading to controlled inventory, lesser wastage and timely availability of needed goods with the retailers
  • Helped the client take better decisions and streamline its business operations

Some of our Supply Chain Management Industry clients

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