Microsoft Power BI

When your requirement is beautiful reports that you can publish to your entire organization to access on the web and on mobile devices, DIRECTION will enable your company to implement this using Microsoft Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence), is a suit of analytics tools for your business that can connect to your ERP system and access your data sources. Power BI allows everyone to create personalized dashboards with their own chosen view of the business.

Direction - Microsoft Business Intelligence


You can connect to data that is most relevant to you irrespective of where it resides in your system. Microsoft Power BI can connect to Excel sheets, Big Data, Streaming data both on premise and on cloud.


It takes just a few minutes to transform your data into Dashboards and Reports that allow you to find answers to your organization’s critical questions.

Power BI and you

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics service that empowers you to view all of your data via a single view point.

For Analysts
Connect to Multiple data sources, transform your data into Dashboards and Reports and go from data to insight to action very quickly.
For Business Users
Be informed at all times. Your data is at your fingertips, dashboards are accessible on the web and on mobile devices. You can drill down to see details.
For IT
Your date is secure while people get access to insights they need. Allows you to achieve compliance & simplifies management.
For Developers
The ease of embedding interactive reports and data visualizations allows you to make your apps stand out – all this with high fidelity across devices.

Why Business Intelligence?

The question to ask in today’s highly competitive era is - how to:

  • Maintain Profitability
  • Retain Customers
  • Capture Markets
  • Satisfy all Stakeholders
  • And achieve all these faster than the competition and at a competitive cost
Direction - Why Microsoft Business Intelligence

You do this with agile processes and a quick decision support system that helps you maintain a strategic, tactical and operational edge over your competition.

And the way to achieve this is

By providing every member of your organization with the correct and timely Information needed to take right decisions and effectively perform their role.

  • Identify and reduce unnecessary costs
  • Identify bottlenecks and improve delivery timelines
  • Identify sales drops and performing analysis to find reasons for the same
  • Identify NPAs (non-performing assets) and resources
  • Track resource productivity rates and benchmark against industry standards
Systems carry a wealth of information

Most of the information needed to empower your organization’s decision making processes is held in the systems already used by your organization for day-to-day functioning, such as:

  • MIS (Management Information Systems)
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems
  • Customized Software Applications


Accurate and timely reports, analytics and business insight at several levels are crucial requirements for running any operational Business:

Reports for day-to-day operations used by the technical and administrative resources.
Decision support reports required by junior and middle management to evaluate and improve performance of individual teams and sub-departments.
Decision support reports and advanced analytics with powerful slice and dice features required by senior management to evaluate and improve performance of departments.
Summarized analytics with data rollup to an organizational level required by the top management to make strategic and directive decisions for business profitability and growth.
Direction - How BI support’s your Business?

How does BI Work?

The process to assimilate systems to churn out critical Business Information is divided into two parts:

Data Warehousing

In Data Warehousing we bring together all relevant data from various systems to a common database, where we can perform a collective inference on this data to derive critical Business Information.


As part of Business Intelligence, we evaluate this information to identify Business Insights that can help you in improving various strategic, tactical and operational processes in your organization.

A Simplistic view of a DataWareHouse and Business Intelligence System

Direction - How Business Intelligence Works?


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