Direction specializes in the advanced technology that brings simplicity to growing complexity.

A seasoned management team directs Direction’s fast-paced growth. Together, the team has significant management experience in high-growth organizations and the combined experience of five successful start-ups. Direction’s management team is also responsible for attracting and retaining a professional workforce that meets the highest standards, and for providing a rewarding environment to its employees.

Direction has experienced leadership, excellent technology and product expertise, and strong relationships with a broad base of customers.

Arun Nayar - Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

Arun Nayar

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

As chairman, CEO and co-founder of Direction Arun Nayar is responsible for the management and strategic direction of the company. He holds a B.Sc. degree in Physics from Oxford University and a Masters degree in Physics from Imperial College, London. He speaks fluent English, German and Italian.

Under his leadership, Direction has experienced tremendous growth quarter after quarter and has increased its employee base to over 250 employees in less than 6 years. Prior to co-founding Direction in 1998, Arun was instrumental in the early inception of the fastest growing mail order company in India from 1992 to 1998. He has also served as the director of various multinational and start-up companies.

Arun actively involves himself with:

  • Providing the company with vision
  • Effecting managerial direction and control
  • Implementing company directives and policy
  • Overseas Financial activity
  • Supervise in the analysis, design, testing & implementation of existing projects
Sanjay Gupta - Chief Operating Officer

Sanjay Gupta

Chief Operating Officer

With 27 years of experience in the software industry Sanjay Gupta serves as a Chief Operating Officer of Direction, Sanjay is directly responsible for the management, growth and success of Direction’s technology operations. During his tenure, Sanjay has significantly developed Direction’s Product Development and E-Commerce divisions into high quality organisations – ensuring that Direction continues to remain within the global IT revolution.

Notable among his many accomplishments, Sanjay has orchestrated several technology developments that have significantly contributed to the company’s overall business strategy. In addition, he has led the company through an expansion of its product line with Octopus, Insat & PDM.

  • Acts as liaison between the clients and the company.
  • Driving performance measures for the operation.
  • Implements marketing strategy and policy.
  • Handles the recruiting and training of employees.
Mary Stella - General Manager - Technical

Mary Stella

General Manager - Technical

Mary Stella with 20 + years of experience in IT Industry serves as a General Manager of Direction. She holds the responsibility and success in developing and executing operational strategies to promote organizational growth with optimal utilization of emerging technologies. She has been instrumental in building and scaling Direction’s business successfully. She has a track record for customer centricity, passion for excellence and being rigorous in execution.

She enjoys empowering others and solving problems by inspiring others to plan, innovate and execute long term professional goals. She holds a Master’s degree in Computer Applications. Over the years has expertise gained and is a Domain expert in Apparel manufacture and exports, Shipping and Logistics, and Retail solutions. Notable among her many accomplishments, Stella has orchestrated several technology developments and has enhanced the growing account relationship of OTTO and bonprix clients. In addition, she has served the company through a complete in-house HR package.

Is actively involved in:

  • Turnaround Leadership
  • Strategic Planning and Execution
  • General and Operations Management
  • Team Building and Leadership
  • New Product Development


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