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Direction Client Testimonial - Hermes Logistics (Germany)

Hermes Logistics (Germany)

Meinolf Lambertz – IT-Planning Strategy & Controlling

This version corresponds to 100% to my request. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of your support and I desire to express my praise. Great work.

Direction Client Testimonial - Bonprix


Kai Schmidt – EM – PS

We write mails if things are not running smooth but at least we are also writing them if things run fine. This is a mail of the second kind :) The latest version was almost 100% perfect, thanks a lot for adjusting processes and testing that quickly! Many Thanks!

Direction Client - Charaghdin


Raju Daswani – Owner

Thank you for making our new website. We are very happy with the results, and I am sure as more people log on we will see better sales. In fact the improvements, that you and your team have put in is what is giving us these benefits, which we hope to better day after day. Your team has been extremely co-operative and know how to suggest and listen to a customer’s needs. Keep it up!

Direction Client - The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy UK

Martha Folkes – Head of Apprenticeships

Really good development and super quick too – the team are really happy with the work you’re currently doing – especially on these reports and the move delegate function. These reports will keep the business on track so they will help us organise our work flows – by utilising NAV data.

Direction Client - Hermes International Germany

Hermes International Germany

Paul Loeffler – Supply Chain Analyst

It was a wonderful time working with you. You and your team were super-efficient and very helpful with any of my requests. I can only pray to god to have partners like you in the future again!

Direction Client - Highbar Technologies

Highbar Technologies

Sanjay Pardeshi – Sr. Technical Lead

Resources deputed by Direction at our place are very good, nice understanding of business as well as technical proficiency.

Direction Client - Mahindra


Murlidhar Rao – Dy. General Manager (AFS IT)

Congratulations!!! The project Mobile game is well appreciated at Blue Chip conference. Your sincere and dedicated work towards this project has paid off. Pls keep it up !!! We have recommended your company name to our Corporate IT. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Direction Client - Signity


Robert Isler – Head of IT Applications

Easy to work with, perfect quality!

Direction Client - ICU Education

ICU Education

Dr. P. K. Jain - Director

Thank you. excited. My compliments and thanks to everyone who made my dream come true.

Direction Client - Armstrong

Armstrong (India)

Ramachandran Ramabadhran – Assistant Manager Systems

Thanks a lot and a good effort for making the E-TDS going live. It is a joint effort from both ends to make the functionality work. My personal thanks to all those who have contributed for making this project point go live.

Direction Client - Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank PLC (India)

Mussadiq, Mohammed – Lead Tech. Partner

Terse recap to business and the way you understood the issue and handled it efficiently is much appreciated. You really have a available resource who is Customer centric, Process oriented and carries immense knowledge on Navision application. Thank you once again.

Direction Client - Hermes International Germany

Hermes International Germany

Alexey Sergiyakov – Agent Import Sea

I was on 06 June by our customer in Dusseldorf and we are spoke about data quality in Log Net. I should praise you for a good work. They are very satisfied with the quality of data.

Direction Client - Bonprix


Torben Boehm – Project Manager

Again a big THANK YOU from Thomas and me. We really appreciate the quick help you offer on so many different topics. I am sure that we will make DCAB a very good product with the features to come in 2012. Keep up the good work!

Direction Client - Krishna Mehta

KrishnaMehta.Com (India)

Krishna Mehta – Owner

Thanks a ton! It's absolutely perfect.

Direction Client - OTTO Versand

OTTO Versand

Christoph Spreen – Project Manager, Business Development

I would like to catch the opportunity to thank all of you for the performance during closing time of the enquiries for HAKA and DOB last week!

Direction Client - Armstrong

Armstrong (India)

Iyer Balasubramanian - Officer – EDP

A very good implementation partner to have.

Direction Client - State Informatics Ltd.

State Informatics Ltd.

Roop Curumsing – Project Manager

A Thank You, for the good job you have done.

Direction Client - Bonprix


Michael Veelken – Junior Project Coordinator

With this E-Mail I would like to underline that this time I like the quality and the speed of solving the last 3 issue. :-) Good work – please go forward like this!

Direction Client - MAhout

MAhout UK

Mary-Anne Denison-Pender – Managing Director

I find our working communications / relationship to be brilliant. Both of us pretty attentive to detail so makes it so much easier and quicker. An efficient team!

Direction Client - ICU Education

ICU Education

Dr. P. K. Jain – Director

Absolutely LOVED your layout and You have done a better job than what I had imagined. Loved IT, Loved it, Loved it.

Direction Client Testimonial - Bonprix


Torben Boehm – Project Manager

Yesterday we got a Mail with a big “Thank you” from the head of one buying department for ensuring a flawless and quick upload for season 122. Since you have a major part in ensuring this we happily share it with you. Thank you! Have a nice day.

Direction Client - White Hart Media

White Hart Media

Neil Wooding – Director of Operations and Design

I have had the pleasure of working closely with the creative team at Direction Mobile Division on our gaming project and have found the team to be very understanding of our needs and requirements. Their design skills in both 2D and 3D artwork has been exceptional and have taken welcome feedback on our needs to produce some creative design work. I can certainly recommend their work which is of a high quality, within budget and very efficiently produced when working to tight deadlines and deliverables.

Direction Client - Signity


Karin Mauchle – Head of IT Applications

I would like to say THANK YOU to you and your team for the reliable partnership and professional support and assistance during the last three years! With Direction, in particular with TSR and Sipdipti, we did not only have a very professional and competent contact person but also very nice colleagues in India. Thank you.

Direction Client - Biztrader


Colby Sambrotto – CEO

The site looks great - thanks for your hard work and thanks for delivering a smooth launch. Have a great weekend!

Direction Client - Armstrong


Sanjeev D. Motiyani – Director – Finance, IT & Logistics

Excellent job done. We have gone live and implemented the services at one of our business partner at Mumbai.

Direction Client - Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank PLC (India)

Rakesh Bhanushali – Financial Control Department

With great pleasure and honour we express our thanks for your hardwork and dedication in helping us achieve something special. We had great last 3-4 months working with every individual from Direction. We cherish every step we’ve taken forward with you to achieve this goal. We’ve given our signoff for Business go live and we look forward to use this software with great contentment and joy. Thank you again guys for all your support and guidance.

Direction Client - Onity


Michelle Peng – Finance Manager

You both did a very good job for the NAV implementation in Sydney; Good mark from me. Thanks!

Direction Client Testimonial - Bonprix


Johanna Koston – Project Manager

We got feedback from department E4 regarding the upload process for season 122 with many thanks, that the upload process worked so well for them ! :-) So, I’m happy to forward the praise to you! :-) Thank you again for the good work done on the upload process to Ebazaar.

Direction Client - OTTO International

OTTO International

Bettina Link – Manager, Vendor & Markets

Thank you so much for your big big support and efforts! We do really really appreciate that! Thanks a lot!

Direction Client Testimonial - Bonprix


Henning Chantre – Project Manager

Thanks for the new exe. First of all I would like to accredit your work, you are always working with a high motivation and notes like inconsistences of yesterday shows that you are very assiduous, we really appreciate that and are happy to have such a colleague in India.

Direction Client - Infusion


Joaquim Roy

It is important for me that Direction Mobile Division has done a great job for us! Since there I have been fully satisfied of our collaboration (my producers also). Your deliveries were always on time and the quality was exactly what IN-FUSIO was expecting…

Direction Client - Lister


Pravin Kumar

While we didn’t have an introduction before, I must bring this credit to Direction as a good opening to our engagement. Zendesk, our customer were very delighted about our work and appreciated the continuous support. The long discussions and stretched hours of support by Direction, helped us to stick to the timeline and their initiative to work on a new system made us to see the ripened fruit. I am waiting to receive a similar appreciation from our ongoing project as well. I am sure we can achieve it. Thanks

Direction Client Testimonial - Bonprix


Henning Chantre – Project Manager

Thank you for the new version. A lot of issues are included and nearly all are fine, excellent! I have to pay you a compliment, great work! Thanks and best regards.

Direction Client - Blaguette


Adrienne Garrard – Partner

WELL DONE GUYS!!!!! I LOVE it. You’ve done a fantastic job. Thank you SO much.

Direction Client - OTTO Versand

OTTO Group

Martin Fritz – Project Manager

Many thanks to you and your team for the good cooperation with Otto IT in the last one and a half years. I hope we will continue the good team work also for the enhancement part. Best regards

Direction Client - Alex Cannon

Alex Cannon

John Bosco – CEO

You guys have done a Amazing job with this site. Alex, me and the etire team at Alex Cannon Thank you and your team in Directions for doing a great job on our site.

Direction Client Testimonial - Bonprix


Kai Schmidt – EM – PS

I am just going through the mails of digikette of last week and to be honest: I am impressed on how many things have been done in the past two weeks. Thanks a lot for very good work.

Direction Client - OTTO


Anja Schlösser – Senior Manager

Thanks a lot for your support! As always soooo Good to have you and your team as support.


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