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Automated System for a Diesel Engine Component Company with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Automation of business processes for Diesel Engine Component Company

Direction Software implemented Business Central for a Diesel Engine components company to help create a business structure for carrying out service and maintenance contracts for registered Diesel engine OEM’s in Marine industries. The company specializes in the maintenance, repair and sale of diesel engine components. It sources directly from the OEMs with certificates and tests and has separate entities across 3 different countries.

The developed solution facilitates tracking and registering of projects and cost of services with complete inventory and service modules. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central consolidates financial data across different countries. It was earlier done manually using excel spreadsheets.

The new system automates the majority of the processes which were earlier part of multiple decentralized silos. It integrated several processes in banking, warehousing, website-based order processing, and payroll departments.

It has improved operational visibility, customer service and increased employee productivity and effectiveness. It has made the operations easy and smooth. The solution includes high-level graphical management analytical reporting using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the Business Intelligence tool.

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