Specialized Budget Control and Automated MIS solution

The rapid evolution of the digital era has redefined the way Media and Entertainment industries operate. To stay ahead of the curve, media and entertainment firms need robust IT strategies that help them streamline media planning processes, bolster customer loyalty and deliver timely content across varied channels. Also, there are an increasing number of instances where shows have exceeded their budget and this has made head honchos realize the importance of a tightly integrated solution with adequate checks and controls. The lack of a streamlined workflow mechanism is often the major reason for budget overruns in the Media & Entertainment sector.

Direction offers a holistic and integrated ERP solution – Microsoft Dynamics NAV – that serves as a one-shop stop for Media and Entertainment technology needs.

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The Direction Solution

Direction’s tailor-made solutions help media and entertainment companies remain competitive and outdo their peers. Here’s an overview of the key features of the Media & Entertainment ERP:

  • Budgeting and Budgetary control over all expenses
  • Approval mechanism of budgets and all expense related transactions
  • Accuracy of data/information
  • Custom built module to manage retainers (contract based consultants)
  • Automated MIS reporting to senior management

The Proven Benefits of the Direction Solution

  • Better control through approval by top management
  • Multi-level approval for purchases
  • Multi-dimension reports viz. cost centers, location, department etc.
  • Approval mechanism of budgets and all expense related transactions
  • Real-time information of budgeted VS. actual finance
  • Module to manage retainers (contract based consultants)
  • Better risk forecasting
  • Improved response and responsiveness to risk occurrence
  • Improved strategic planning and operational decisions


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