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Creating a Superior Customer Value

In the highly competitive real estate landscape where customer expectations are increasing exponentially, delivering a truly customer-centric experience has become paramount to reach the top. Companies that are able to align themselves to their customers’ ever-evolving expectations can expect to outmaneuver their competitors in the near future.

But how do you create a great customer experience in the real estate domain?

You leverage a robust CRM tool that will help in improving customer experience at every touch point.

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The Proven Advantages of CRM in the Real Estate Industry

  • An effective CRM solution offers deep insights into customer data and behavior, which can be used to improve customer loyalty
  • It increases sales effectiveness of the Real Estate sector through its ability to boost sales and marketing functions
  • One of the most important functions of the Real Estate CRM is its ability to provide holistic data for property and market research — a vital factor that helps professionals get a clear and succinct view of the real estate market
  • CRM as a business strategy for the real estate sector encourages and facilitates change since it has the much-needed flexibility to meet changing customer and industry requirements
  • A powerful sales tool for home builders, real estate CRM facilitates cost reduction, automates workflow and boosts customer satisfaction levels

How Can Direction Help?

Direction Software LLP brings you Microsoft Dynamics CRM tool specifically modified for Real Estate firms which can offer functionalities such as:

  • Property and Unit Management: Property administration is the first step to automating your sales process with CRM Elements for Real Estate. The web-based site administration tool makes it easy for you to create and manage each property in your portfolio, from basic address information to the floor plans, upgrade packages and status details of each unit in the property
  • Sales and Inventory Management: Manage your sales and inventory processes in a central, unified knowledge base with CRM elements for Real estate. Automating this information in a central knowledge base can lead to increased productivity and improved customer service, which in turn provides a boost to your company’s bottom line
  • Document Creation and Management: CRM Elements for Real Estate helps you centralize the documents vital to the real estate sales and closing process. The software’s powerful document creation and management tools make it easier to customize sales, closing and other document templates for each residential site in your portfolio. Salespeople and other key users can then create contracts and other documents for each transaction


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