Business Central Launched in India!

Business Central launch in India

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - Yes, Business Central is now in India. The Dynamics 365 business central features releasing on 1st April 2021. One can BROWSE FEATURES ONLINE or can DOWNLOAD A PDF for more information.

Microsoft 365 Business Central

This release of Dynamics 365 Business Central adds innovations; it comes with significant abilities to transform businesses.

Over the years Direction has helped many organizations migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central from NAV. In case you wish to upgrade from Microsoft NAV to D365 Business Central, please CONTACT US.

Features across Microsoft applications include:

  • Sales, marketing, finance, human resources and customer service
  • Supply chain management, fraud protection, and business central
  • Unites CRM and ERP abilities
  • Runs the entire business with intelligent applications
  • Works seamlessly in Cloud
  • Integrates with Office 365, Windows, Power BI and Power Apps
Microsoft 365 Business Central

Let’s look into dynamics 365 Business Central features in brief

Improved Management of database and file capacity
Partners and internal administrator can get an overview of the database. One can make a recommendation on whether or not additional storage is needed. And when to purchased. Default user can get 80 GB of Business Central storage capacity.
Support unlimited number of production and sandbox environments
With the latest announcement, the unlimited sandboxes are available in this release. Each employee has its sandbox. Which can access through mobile devices. But the question will remain a question of whether you’ll access multiple sandboxes from the desktop app or not?
Use word document layout and customize outgoing customer documents
Are you looking for custom documents to send to your customer? Then this works well for you. One can export and then import word document layout. It’s used for shipment documents, service quotes documents, return orders documents, generate invoice and credit memo documents with ease
Use contact details across the application
In the application, mobile number, email fields not mentioned in any report data sets. Nor it’s mention in data entry pages, report layouts and segment lines that has contact details within BC.
Business Central in Microsoft Teams
It’s one of the best dynamics 365 Business Central release feature. As of now, Microsoft hasn’t released too much information on how exactly it will work. But their ultimate goal is to bring Business Central data into Microsoft team. Furthermore, it will collaborate and make quicker decisions.
Bank Reconciliation Improvement
With dynamics 365 Business Central partnering, one can use BC. As its biggest strength inability is to make it more efficient when dealing with bank reconciliations. Also, the user can cancel a posted bank reconciliation on the bank acc. Therefore, a reconciliation page is for those who in case make a mistake.
Access multiple productions
Due to lack of production environment, many businesses couldn’t utilize Business Central for their ERP. But now it’s possible with the unlimited production environment. As with the help of unlimited sandbox environment, the availability of dynamics 365 Business Central in India.
Dynamic 365 Fraud Protection
D365 adds integration using its Dynamic 365 manual review capability. It allows users to use Fraud protection rules. It experiences flag transactions for review and allow expert human agents to adjudicate those transactions.
Understand the Quick Role of centre page
In the past, if you have used BC, then you might know how centre page works. The centre page would consume more load time. Yes, it wouldn’t take long. But now with new dynamics 365 Business Central features, it is possible to load fast. And how Microsoft has done this? With the help of cache layout of page ability.


Why D365 BC works great for small businesses?

  • One can start small as there’s no user limit
  • Comes cheaper for SMEs who are interested in Microsoft solutions
  • It’s flexible and allows adding users easily
  • Comes with Cloud-first solution so users can access through any device, anytime

What Solutions Business Central offers?

  • Supply Chain
  • Financial and Accounting
  • CRM for sales and services
  • Project Management
  • Operations

How does SMB work?

The investments done in BC would add service enhancements. It meets the demand of a rapidly growing customer base. It comes with improved performance, file storage handling and Geographic expansion. It supports group VAT, customer-requested features and other deeper Microsoft team integration.

What are Industry Accelerators in D365?

They are the foundational components within Microsoft Power Platform. They enable ISVs and other solution providers. They help build industry verticals solutions quickly. The accelerators will extend the standard data model to add new entities. They support data schema for concepts within specific industries.

Business Central release includes enhancement like financial services, education, media and communication, manufacturing and other automotive.

How can Indian customers upgrade?

As of now, you can directly upgrade from NAV 2016 to Business Central. Direction Software LLP have years of experience and a well-trained team to make your upgrade seamless.

Microsoft 365 Business Central

Why choose Direction for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in India.

Direction have been global Enterprise Business Solution providers since 1999. We deliver cutting-edge custom software development services to enable your businesses. We have been implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions across the world since 2015.

To learn more download the comprehensive DYNAMIC 365 GUIDE. It’ll help your organization grow and harness the change.


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