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Our DDCI (Direction Development Centers in India) service offering is an ideal choice for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) looking to set up their own India based ODC but do not have the volumes to justify the operations.

We set up on-demand, dedicated, customized and secure software development centers in India for SMEs that follow their practices, methodologies and culture.

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DDCI acts like an arm of their organization that leverages the rich reserves of IT Human Capital and the cost advantage of India. These IT Centers are set-up within our State-of-the-art Development Center at Bombay, India.

Setting up a DDCI ensures that you retain full control of the IP generated without having to make large investments. You only pay for what you use – computing infrastructure, scalable technology resources, office administration, etc. It allows you to build or trim the team as needed.

Advantages Of DDCI

  • It is as good as running your organization remotely without upfront investments.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing helps you have a better estimate on your cost outflow vs. resource requirements on an ongoing basis.
  • It protects from development fluctuations, by adding or trimming resources that are required from time to time.
  • Direction has a proven track record of doing business in the US & Europe, hence minimizing the risks associated with outsourced projects.
  • Direction strictly follow business processes and business framework, which is an added advantage for its cliental.

The Offer Includes

Microsoft Technologies, Databases, CRM, Open Systems Over 10 yrs experience in maintaining client server applications for clients. Services offered include:

  • A team of the best-of-breed software engineers that can be scaled at will.
  • Processes to hand hold the employees working under your direct supervision.
  • Dedicated office environment to seat the engineers.
  • High speed Internet connectivity.
  • Private and secure LAN and Servers with custom software based on your requirements.
  • Secure access zones with access control.
  • Complete office Infrastructure including computer and administrative related hardware and a well laid out office with ample space for expansion.
  • All administrative issues being taken care of.
  • Cost plus approach of pricing to suit your needs.

Our processes have been streamlined to make outsourcing a smooth, seamless process that offers a winning combination of deadline-driven, low cost, and high quality work. Our biggest testimony is repeat orders from our clients, and our mission is to help you implement better IT solutions at cost effective rates, at all times!


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