Web Technologies

Generic Features

  • Mobile friendly and responsive user interface
  • Login page along with Change and Forgot password options and login and sign ups can be done by registering or by using already existing social media login
  • CMS designed to support the management of the content of web pages like About Us, Contact Us, Support, Privacy Policies, Help, Terms & Conditions and FAQs
  • Chat option for online support as well as to have formal discussion between the client and the freelancer
  • Ratings and Reviews, where the users can rate the website and experience
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • Social media integration and sharing updates on social media
  • Support for multi – currency and multi – lingual
  • Category Management: From this section admin will be able to manage the categories of the website with an option to update the information of the existing ones or add new ones
  • Sub-category Management: Here, admin will find the list of all the sub categories with an option to add new ones by providing necessary information or update the existing ones
  • Filter and multiple search options depending on the job type, the budget, the duration and client profile
  • Quick links to manage profile, to view searched and saved jobs from the past, to view proposals and also to view stats based on the work history
  • Feature to attach external files for example excel sheets, word documents etc. while posting or applying for jobs
  • Integration of payment gateway with the system will help in a systematic payment flow. That is the person working on a job will be paid via the system only when the job is done. Prior to this the person who had posted the job will require to transfer the funds into the system as a form of secure and sure payment
  • Disputes that would arise between two parties while the job is in progress or post the job delivery will also be logged and registered on the system. This will be then handled by the system admin
  • Integration of camera and online chat could be done for easy and recorded communication between the clients and the freelancers

Client Features

  • Client registration will allow the system to verify and track the authenticity of the clients and the jobs they post
  • Customized dashboard, that would display the list of jobs that have been posted by the user and the ones which are currently in progress
  • The clients can also view the proposals received by various interested freelancers for the job. These proposals can be filtered depending on the quotation amount, number of days required and experience of the applicants
  • The clients will have the rights to decline or accept the proposals sent by the freelancers on a particular project
  • The clients can view and respond to all their enquiries via the enquiry management functionality
  • Support function will let the clients contact the admin directly for any queries and disputes
  • Comprehensive reporting system will be available for the clients to track their job status, schedule and payment progress
  • Clients can also rate the freelancers who have worked for them and give recommendation depending on their experience with them

Freelancer Features

Freelancers are those who will bid for the jobs that are to be worked on.

  • Freelancers will have to register and verify their details to maintain the authenticity of the website
  • The freelancers can create a profile that shows their skills set. They can also build up good reviews and ratings over a period of time. Once they complete an undertaken task the clients have to rate the freelancer and give feedback on the work. This develops the ratings and reviews of a particular user and vice versa is also possible
  • Option to view charts and activity graphs of your own account, which would display the number of jobs completed, the ratings achieved. The freelancer can also track his / her progress on an ongoing project
  • Freelancers would receive notification in regards with their proposal being accepted or rejected, any updates on their ongoing projects and certain notifications to keep them on track
  • Once the work is delivered the freelancers can request for their payments via the system. Their work will be cross checked with the pre-defined work schedule and delivery targets
  • A particular freelancer can also build up a team by inviting friends to join the system. He can become an admin and assign tasks to those in his team. The view and access to project information will depend on the rights allocated
  • They can also opt for packages for premium services where their profiles will be shortlisted and recommended by the admin to clients

Admin Features

  • Dashboard – the admin user will have a detailed dashboard allowing easy navigation and a control panel
  • Content management: Here, admin will find the list of all the pages and by clicking any of them will show the detailed information for the same page. With an option to update the information
  • Users Management: Here, admin will find the list of all the clients and freelancers. By clicking any of them will show the detailed profile information
  • Job management: this will allow the admin to view the list of all the ongoing, completed and expired jobs. The admin may delete all the expired jobs if need be. All the jobs will have a detailed explanation and requirements specifications
  • Payment management: Initially the client has to finalize the freelancer and the budget involved. Post this the quoted amount is transferred to the system so that the freelancer is assured of his payment. After the completion of the job / milestone and a satisfactory closing of the project the money is then transferred from the system to the person who completed the job. This process flow will be tracked by the admin. The releasing or holding back of the payment is done in this section
  • Category management will let the admin user find the list of all the categories and by clicking any of them will give the detailed information. Admin will also be able to add new categories by providing the necessary information or update the existing ones. Jobs can then be identified and posted to the available categories
  • When a new job is posted by the client, this will have to be approved by the admin before it is displayed on the site. So that all jobs are filtered and checked for their sincerity
  • Dispute management will be handled by the site admin, where he will get a list of pending and new disputes. He will have access to the history of all the job and the communications that have happened on the system pertaining to it. The admin can review all the data and try to resolve it
  • Newsletter and subscription management will give the admin the rights to add clients as well as the freelancers to various types of newsletters
  • Mail template functionality can be used by the admin to update all mail templates for certain notifications and mails to be sent
  • With the help of language editor the admin can edit the specific language name by selecting language
  • Site Management: From this section admin will be able to manage the basic information of the site. You can set the social media link and integrate to your site
  • Comprehensive reporting system will be made available to the admin


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