Data Processing

At Direction we aim to please the customer and ensure that the product developed surpasses expectations. Our System Development Methodology addresses questions on quality, security and delivery and ensures meeting the objective stated above.

As part of our End-to-End Business Solution offering to our clients, we set up dedicated teams with deep knowledge of the client’s business that works in close synch with client’s staff to provide support for bespoke applications created by Direction.

Direction has a team of around 50 professionals (including admin and back office staff) dedicated to back office operations including high end data processing. Well defined processes based on specific client requirements are followed. Processes and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are modified from time to time to keep in synch with client requirements.

Shipment documents data Entered into the Hermes system – and Remote printing of Custom Documents at the warehouse before arrival of Shipments. Back end office support for Data entry into the E-Catalogue system & support to suppliers.

Direction - Solutions - Catalogue - Data Processing

All round support to our clients

  • Concept
    • Brainstorming with the client on application design
  • Developing
    • The online application
  • Hosting
    • At an ISP in Mumbai / Amazon
  • Maintaining
    • Coordinating with developers
  • Data Entry
    • Back office Staff
  • Support
    • User support on mail and call
  • Reporting
    • Online reports and custom reports by mail

Data Entry

Shipment documents data Entered into the Hermes system – before the shipment reaches Germany. Online Remote printing of Documents at the warehouse intimating the officials before hand of the Shipments to arrive.

Multiple processes in BPO

  • Data entry for Air freight
  • Data entry for Sea freight
  • Data entry for Orders
  • Vehicle Update Reporting
  • Back Office for the Strategic Buying department of Otto (BOSB)
  • Maintenance of Styles for clients
  • Data entry for the CmiA system for The Aid by Trade Foundation
Direction - Solutions - Catalogue - Data Processing


Back end office support for Data entry into the E-Catalogue system. Coordinating with Suppliers during the Auction phases.

Summary of work done

  • User related work:
    • Maintaining users and user authentication and access rights
    • A helpline for Offices and suppliers
  • Data related work:
    • Assimilating data into the client’s site from multiple sources
    • Checking all data for errors - including data imported from other systems
  • Style related work:
    • Maintaining styles
    • Updating styles with attachments received
  • Auction related work:
    • Checking all required data is available
    • Checking and uploading styles
    • Monitoring Auctions


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