Combining detailed domain knowledge with proven maintenance capabilities, Direction offer multiple engagement models to provide cost effective end-to-end solutions for your applications, Maintaining and supporting the Central buying system and multiple interfaces sending data across the buying Process. Migration & Re-engineering of Legacy systems, applications and databases with Automated Testing of One Stop Shopping .

Central Buying System

Maintaining and supporting the Central system for buying Processes.

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Maintaining about 60 Client Applications for:

  • Item establishment, Ordering system, Inventory Management
  • Management Information system
Direction - Solutions - Catalogue - Engineering

About 339 Batch Programs for:

  • Data load between the systems
  • Reporting
  • Maintenance

Some of the systems modules involved:

  • Item establishment or data creation system
  • Module in which Enquiries and Purchase Orders are created
    • After Purchase Orders are created they are amended or cancelled in Stubs
  • System where post implementation item amendments are made
  • System where item information and statistics can be viewed
  • Reporting tools used to generate various reports with multiple export options
  • A forecasting module where recommended buys and forecast surplus are calculated
  • A tool to be used by the disposals department in the selection and processing of Disposal leaflets


Maintaining and supporting the multiple interfaces sending data to / fro across the buying Process.

These Interfaces basically ensure synchronization and consistency of data. Most of the interfaces were using their own data format to send/receive the data between the application and Group companies.

339 interfaces, 34 connected systems and companies

Direction - Solutions - Catalogue - Engineering


  • A daily average of 1,20,000 records (in peak over 1 Million)
  • Has over 2800 User
  • Contains over 5 TB of operational data
  • Contains over 80 Million of orderable item-options

Migration and Re-engineering

Migration & Re-engineering of Legacy systems to the latest platform, applications and databases with transition to a new hardware platform Vendor / Customer / Office management services


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