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Product information system with flexible attributes across products categories. Internationalization, ability to place orders for multimedia assets required to be published to the online platform.


Product information system with integration of Media assets from Photo shoots, Translating content for catalogue & web via the 'Cockpit' module

About Digistyle

Digistyle is a system that is used to define and store “localized” style master information, translate the style information into multiple languages and promote these styles to various international channels of Selling in various countries. The Digistyle system is mainly used by users from the Buying, Catalogue Production and Translations department.

Functions in Digistyle

  • Define Master Styles and translate the style to localize it for various countries
  • Define Publication, Workpages, Offers and add styles to Offers
  • Plan layout of the Workpages
  • Define Service Orders
  • Planning of Promotions
  • Export to International Channels


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Why Digistyle

  • Replaces multiple systems that cater to various channels of promotion for e.g. Catalogue, Online, and Retail
  • Creates a central location where the Style information of various departments can be stored
  • Gives a complete overview of how many styles are being promoted in which country
  • Minimize delay in information gathering and retrieving
  • Minimizes time taken in translating style information for the promotion and updating the translated text back to the respective system


  • Brings multiple departments under one roof by integrating their day-to-day functions and thus reducing gaps and time in communication and passing information
  • One central system will have flexible and simple interfaces to systems catering to all the modes of International channels for selling
  • Acts as a “localized” Style Repository
  • Planning of Promotion of various styles to international channels
  • Harmonizes the text being printed in the Catalogues
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Product Data Management (PDM) Solution

Product Data Management with complete product description including Images, Measurement charts, sketches etc with integrated Workflow & Reporting

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  • Not only Product Data Management
  • Process Management
    • Work Management -Allows users to “work” with the styles
    • Workflow Management - Through data sharing mechanisms, PDM manages style workflows
    • Work History Management
      • Archive
      • Revision History
  • With PDM you can share styles with Suppliers and Merchandisers
  • Work with images
  • Print and share information on paper
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Style Management

  • Management of all the existing styles in explorer format
  • Creating styles from existing styles using smart copy features
  • Extensive Search facility for styles based on style reference number, which is auto-generated and also on all the parameters for a style
  • Style / measurement sketches edited / stored in an external Designer like Corel Designer
  • Printing styles
  • Different views of style for different users
  • Management of all the existing styles in explorer format
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eStyle / B2B-Styles


Product Styles including Product Structure and referencing with reverse Auctions. eStyle is a system that caters to the in-house requirements of a buying house. eStyle system enables the Buyers to create Articles create a style pool. The system enables creation of Styles, Style related articles and enquiries, additionally involves Web interaction.

eStyle is a “Hierarchal Thinking” which consists of 3 main topics

  • Style
  • Articles
  • Bids

eStyle has a hierarchal process flow with the following main components.

  • A Style with all style related information like for e.g. Product Group, Category, Design Chart, Measurement Chart, etc.)
  • An Article which comprises of information specific for an Size/Color
  • A Supplier Bid that comprises of the Material, Prices and Quantity information for the supplier who is responsible to supply the Article
Direction - Solutions - Catalogue - Product Data Management
Direction - Solutions - Catalogue - Product Data Management


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