Procurement and PIM System including E-Catalog, Fabric-Based-Bundling, Auction creation module, Reverse Auction Platforms, Planning and Budgeting. Reverse Auction Platforms & E-Catalog for Procurement


The aim was to make savings in procurement via a process of Fabric based Bundling and reverse auction. Direction worked as a consultant to provide an end-to-end solution including the application to bundle styles, create interfaces for getting data from multiple sources, create and run reverse auctions and back office support including site admin, user support and data entry.


  • Collect style information from various Group Companies and import Data from PDM System
  • Further enrichment of data done in application
  • Managing and creating package auction with some modifications
  • Packages will be sent out to the suppliers in the client system (ebazaar)
  • Supplier bids collected and custom Reports generated online
  • An automated bidding system (BiddingMachine) was created to allow suppliers to set bids automatically (including minimum bid and decrements per bid)
  • Disposition of Order will take place Based on the Bid Results
  • Order Quantities and demand data will be updated by DSS in SB-Style and reported to the customers, suppliers and SN in various target-orientated reports
  • Business Process to DSS. - DSS would feed in the data into the PDM system, SB-Style and www.ottogroupsb.com
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To do outsourcing of Business processes involved for Otto Strategic Buying Department (SB).

The scope of the project (in the order of the process flow) includes the following stages:

  • Hosting and Server setup
  • Remote Access on SB-Style system to Otto
  • Documents
  • Style Data Entry in PDM System
  • Extraction of data from PDM system and Import into SB-Style
  • Create and send Data Sheet for Style Enrichment to SB
  • Documents Enrichment in SB-Style
  • Creation of Auction / Packages in SB-Style
  • Upload of Auction / Packages to OttogroupSB.com
  • Supplier to Bid for Auction / Packages in ottogroupSB.com
  • Download of Supplier Bids into SB-Style
  • To generate Bid Report for all Packages / Group Companies
  • Awarding of Packages in ottogroupSB.com
  • Downloading of Awarding information into SB-Style
  • Generation of Package Style wise Summary Report
  • Reporting
  • Controlling and demand


e-marketplace, where the buyers are able to place/receive quotes on orders directly on the net. The process of order placement involves sending requirements (including pictures and product specifications) to various suppliers, receiving quotes from the suppliers. Buyers then select the best quote and finalize the order. The effectiveness of order placement is increased greatly by reducing the costs and time involved in informing suppliers, collecting quotes and placing orders.

A B2B product tailored for organizations that source apparel / home furnishings from global markets directly or through buying agents / Offices. The key product in this suite is eBazaar – our reverse auction tool.

Key benefits of eBazaar:

  • Save substantially in procurement costs (20% with one customer – See fig.)
  • Specifically tailored for the apparel / home furnishing industry
  • Sourcing time is in hours and not weeks
  • Bid process can be direct from Buyer to Supplier (B2B) as well as to Suppliers via buying Offices (B2B2B)
  • Buyers will be able to view the bidding process and change their enquiry details if required
  • Buyers may put up RFQs for articles to get an idea of current prices
  • Organizations have substantial cost savings also through Buyers saving on travel and time
  • eBazaar levels the playing field by automatically applying mark-ups for different countries therefore allowing Buyers to easily compare bids in multiple currencies from different countries with mark-ups already applied
  • Suppliers compete with each other in real time, giving buyers the best quote and delivery dates
  • It is a cheaper and less complex for suppliers to do business
  • Having the process online increases transparency and promotes better business practices
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E-Catalog for Procurement

New products section that works as an online catalogue. It serves as a platform for new products or developments. Whenever suppliers have new products, which they wish to advertise or inform the company, they can upload the product details to this section. This gives suppliers the facility to keep the company buyers informed in a simple and cost-effective manner. It acts as a entralized catalogue for all the products of the various suppliers so that a company buyer can view new products and place orders at a single location.


  • Auction creation module
  • Invite participants including offices and suppliers
  • Collecting bids, creating and awarding orders"


They source their items from over hundreds of suppliers worldwide and also have over 25 buying offices representing them in countries all over the world.

Buying Process

Earlier, this catalog company would identify suppliers & then the buyers would go on a buying trip. They would look at the new Creations of the Suppliers, ask for further modification & Collect the price from various suppliers. They would then place an order without any confirmation called the spot order. An official order would be then printed when the buyer returned back to Hesadquarters. On Confirmation of the Order, the supplier proceeds with the production.

The Solution

DSS developed a B2B solution that would integrate the client’s existing systems and moved key components online. The application also integrated buying offices & suppliers, and thus called for a B2B2B solution. The solution thus covers the entire gamut of activities spanning from order transactions to online information exchange between buyers and suppliers.

Reverse Auction has the following advantages:

  • E-enabling the Supply Chain and thereby:
    • Order Execution happens in real-time
    • Processes is smother, faster and streamlined giving maximum benefits to both buyers and suppliers
    • Reduced costs to Customer (less Air shipment)
    • Reduced costs to Suppliers (less C&F shipments)
    • The time to source is reduced from weeks to hours
    • Savings in procurement costs are substantial (especially on Buyers travel and decision time)
  • Creating an E-market place leading to:
    • Quicker reactions to queries i.e. reducing lead times
    • Suppliers compete with each other in real time thereby giving the buyers the best Price
    • Buyers easily compare bids in multiple currencies from different countries with mark-ups already applied
    • Increase of transparency for the whole enquiry process
    • Awarding of Orders to the best supplier
  • Additional:
    • New trends are shown more easily as new products
    • Buyers can view products on offer by the various suppliers
    • Buyers can place sample orders for interesting products online
    • Buyers have a wider choice of products to sample. This result in buyers asking for samples that is more relevant
    • Reduces unnecessary samples being sent to Buyers, reducing time and courier costs

E-Style is used to perform high-level calculations for easy comparison by the buyers, communication between buyer and the supplier/offices, easy and quick retrieval of data and creation of reports.


Tracking Cotton Made in Africa from farm to finished product for the Aid By Trade Foundation.

What is CmiA?

Cotton made in Africa is an initiative of the Aid by Trade Foundation which Dr. Michael Otto established in 2005 based on the conviction that only by sustainable development the livelihoods of future generations and vital resources can be protected.

Direction Software LLP Work with CmiA

Direction have developed the CmiA Tracking system to handle the tracking of the material from farms in Africa to the finished products supplied to the Retailers. The System follows the supply chain from Spinners to the Retailers. It describes statistical reports of the sales and purchases of the Suppliers and Retailers
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CmiA Modules

  • Track Spinner Purchases
  • Track Spinner Sales
  • Retailer Overviews
  • Spinner Analysis Reports
  • Spinner Certification


  • Spinner Purchase and Sale Report
  • Spinner Analysis
  • Retailer Analysis
  • Spinner Open Sales

CmiA application manages the spinner purchases and sales analysis reports displaying the wastage calculations in percentage. It also handles Retailer purchases. Direction has been working with CmiA for over 12 years and are handling the development and maintenance of the CmiA applications.

CmiA Schedulers

  • Application updates Spinner status in system on its certificate expiry
  • Auto updating of status on open sales


  • Reverse Auction Platforms and e-Catalog for Procurement
  • Procurement and PIM System
  • Strategic Buying (Fabric-Based-Bundling)
  • Reverse Auction (with Bidding Machine)
  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Offline solutions for the buyers to collect bids during the buying trips


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