Custom Developed Application

Set up on-demand, dedicated, customized, and secure software development centers in India

Custom Developed Application

We at Direction ensure that you retain complete control of the IP generated and do not make huge investments for it. Direction software has a proven track record of doing business in the US & Europe. We strictly follow business processes and business framework to deliver state of the art custom developed application services to our clients.

The Direction Software Advantage

Running a remote organization but with no upfront investments

Pay per use pricing

Scale up or scale down as per business requirements

Direction Software’s Methodology

At Direction, we aim to please the customer and ensure that the product developed surpasses expectations. Our methodology addresses questions on quality, security and delivery and ensures that we meet clients business objectives.


We create a stage-wise action plan for the project. It includes a breakdown of the tasks to be performed. There are processes set to monitor project progress to ensure that the project is on track and perform any course corrections if required.

Both the client and the development team will work towards a common pre-defined objective. Requirement analysis will help to define the project scope and prioritize activities as per the scope of the work to be done.

System Analysis and Design

The system analysis and design phase help draw up the logical design that the system would follow.

The first layer is the human interaction layer which focuses on the look and feel of the system, page layout, and page flow. It is designed to meet user expectations.

The application logic layer covers various aspects of data flow, data storage, data definition, defining classes & objects, identifying structures, subjects, services and attributes and drawing up activity sheets.

The database analysis and design will deal with concepts such as database capacity planning, history information, database design (RDBMS, ODBMS, Star Schema, Snowflake, Normalized).

The technical specification is a critical document and acts as an interface between the functional specialists and the development team.

Technical Design and Development

In the initial stage of this phase, we develop the system, test it, and a working prototype of the same is made available.

Then comes the system testing phase, in which we perform multiple tests. These include stand-alone, modular and link testing. We also perform several live tests (e.g. stress testing) and document all the test results, findings, changes made to the system and task responsibilities.

In the next phase, we hand over the system to the client. In the initial stage, some users are chosen from the client’s organization and trained to use the system. We also provide technical training to the client’s technical team.

Post this preparation phase, the users also test the system and report bugs, if any. The development team then debugs these issues, and once fixed, again transferred them to the client.


The installation is performed at the client’s site as per the detailed procedure shared during client training. We recommend having a Project Manager or a development team representative on-site during installation.

Security, Documentation and Configuration Management

There are some aspects of our methodology which are applicable for the duration of the entire project lifespan.

We ensure encrypted software transfer after all the necessary documents are approved and signed off. Virus scans and control processes are a part of the procedure at each phase.

The development teams sign an NDA to ensure the confidentiality of the project. We take daily back-ups, ensure version control, and documentation control with concise and comprehensive documentation at each stage.

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Just wanted to let you know that there are users out there who are very thankful for your support and appreciate your hard work!

Stephan Schwake – Project Manager / Consultant / ES-PPS-SCI
OTTO Versand

Many thanks to you and your team for the good cooperation with Otto IT in the last one and a half years. I hope we will continue the good team work also for the enhancement part.

OTTO Group
Martin Fritz – Project Manager
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