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The global E-Commerce market is expected to be $6 trillion+ by 2024. It is one of the fastest growing as well as the most competitive industries currently in the world. Managing e-Commerce operations is no mean feat as disparate business processes and multiple platforms lead to inconsistent data, uninhibited costs and an increased time consumption.

We offer solutions designed to handle the unique challenges pertaining to the E-commerce industry. They are cost-effective, integrated solutions and can provide a better ROI.

Technological Challenges faced by our clients from the E-Commerce Industry

  • Slow, non-responsive, non-user-friendly website
  • Lack of a single solution that can be used across all departments
  • Limitations in the current systems wrt to bidding and auctioneering
  • Manual vendor on-boarding and vendor management

Solutions offered by Direction Software

  • Revamping the website using latest technologies to make a mobile first and faster version of the website
  • Develop a single end-to end business solution that enabled businesses to create budget and plans, design items to be procured, get the best prices, and analyze actual supplier order creation
  • Implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM and integrate it with the existing applications used by the business
  • Automation of vendor on-boarding process


  • Boost in online sales by almost 30% and 50% improvement in website performance
  • Enabled clients to take instant decisions and modify their orders according to the latest market requirements
  • Vendor on-boarding automation increased the corresponding team’s efficiency by 50%
  • Automation enabled company to have a faster rollout of new products resulting in a competitive advantage

Some of our E-Commerce Industry clients


E-Commerce Testimonials

So many success stories...

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Thank you for making our new website. We are very happy with the results, and I am sure as more people log on we will see better sales. In fact the improvements, that you and your team have put in is what is giving us these benefits, which we hope to better day after day. Your team has been extremely co-operative and know how to suggest and listen to a customer’s needs. Keep it up!

Raju Daswani – Owner
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