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The Healthcare Industry has come under tremendous pressure and stress during the pandemic. The industry has to undergo rapid transformation. They have had to adjust to these changes quickly and ensure that the critical services are available uninterrupted.

Direction has provided software solutions to various health care institutions, including international government bodies (like the World Health Organization) to home care providers. We also developed apps that help healthcare providers to look after a patient’s personal well-being.

Technological Challenges faced by our clients from the Healthcare Industry

  • Use of different systems making it difficult to achieve to increase efficiencies
  • Allow users to book online appointments through scheduling app with other functionalities
  • Creating a single platform across situational or geographical conditions
  • Creation of a standardized library of case investigation and contact tracing indicators

Solutions offered by Direction Software

  • Implementation, integration, and creation of an efficient Microsoft Dynamics CRM online environment
  • Developed an easy-to-understand app as per the customer requirements
  • Dashboards designed in Power BI made it possible to monitor the pandemic
  • Country-wise starter kit creation enabling each country to start visualising their key indicators and change / modify/add new reports on the go


  • Automation of many processes which were earlier manual. The new system helped them coordinate with 70+ healthcare service providers and a large number of customers
  • An easy-to-use app where a user can select the infusions, schedule an appointment & pay for it
  • Ability to collect, monitor, analyse and use data to visualise milestones on health indicators and predictively analyse and take prompt decisions to minimise the outspread
  • Dynamic & real time visualization of graphs and key indicators on cases, contacts, laboratory and follow-ups. It also provided reports drilled down to country, state, city and location level

Some of our Healthcare Industry clients



So many success stories...

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I just want to thanks MOHW colleagues and Cristina Valencia and PAHO/WHO colleagues for the hard work during the previously weeks that make possible today to connect the to the power BI dashboard. Producing a initial dashboard that now need to be customized.
Congratulation MOHW team for this milestone!

Dr Valeska Stempliuk – Advisor, Health Surveillance, Disease Prevention and Control

The feedback on the dashboards was really good. The MOH team are really excited about the final result and they want to able to sustain in the long term the dashboards not only for COVID but also for other diseases.

Many thanks for the great job that you and your team have done to achieve this excellent result!

Silvia Edith Morreale – National PAHO/WHO consultant on COVID-19 surveillance
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