The BFSI industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. The businesses in the BFSI space aspire to create positive customer experiences because it helps companies gain the trust of their customers and convince them to invest their hard-earned money in various products and services.

Also, the companies will have to create such positive experiences at all customer touchpoints, across different locations, and across multiple channels in this digitized world. The leader in this category is the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform. Business Central is an easy-to-use all-in-one business management solution with numerous advantages.

This blog provides insights into how Business Central can help BFSI industry businesses create positive customer experiences.

1. Personalize Customer Interactions

Business Central allows businesses to personalize customer interactions by providing their marketing teams with the ability to create tailor-made campaigns. Business Central uses AI to provide customer insights to the marketing teams. These insights allow them to create customer segments based on various parameters. The insights coupled with intelligent chatbots can start conversations with customers online and provide a quick response to them depending upon their requirements.

Marketing teams can then plan and execute campaigns, as well as personalize the communication in these campaigns to match different customer segments. They can provide various services, offers, discounts, and pricing to customer segments as per their requirements and specifications.

2. On-board customers quickly

Business Central allows businesses to automate various routine tasks. As per the customer, the system intimates them about renewals, other products, upcoming payments, policy expiry, etc. These are auto-generated and sent to the users based on pre-defined schedules and rules configured into the system. If the employees were to perform these tasks manually, it would consume a lot of their time and resources. It could also lead to more errors as these tasks will be executed manually. These errors may have a negative impact on the overall business. 

Also, the sales team can gain predictive insights and lead scoring for the prospects. It will help them efficiently manage the inquiries received and focus on those more likely to convert.

3. Enhanced Customer Service

Business Central provides a single customer view. The employees can access all customer details in just a few clicks. It allows the employees to go through a customer’s historical data and provide a quick and relevant solution. Business Central also provides employees with the capabilities to create guided workflows that will support them in providing a positive experience to the customers.

Also, employees can access Business Central across multiple channels, locations, and touchpoints. It enables them to serve the customers better, irrespective of the medium or location they interact with them.

Business Central also has capabilities to predict customer issues. Businesses can identify problems and tackle them early and proactively resolve them. This helps companies increase customer satisfaction immensely.

4. Boost Employee Productivity

Business Central helps employees boost their productivity in multiple ways. In turn, the employees become efficient and can serve customers better. Businesses can manage service requests quickly. The overall turnaround time required to address customer inquiries is less. The quick turnaround time leads to increased customer satisfaction, and the customer feels more valued.

Business Central offers 24*7 accessibility, multi-device availability, AI-enabled insights, automation capabilities, omnichannel presence, multi-location support, etc. These are some of the many essential features that help employees create positive customer experiences.

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About the author:
Chirag Thakkar – Sr. Digital Marketing Consultant

At Direction Software LLP, Chirag works with the Marketing Team to enhance the Digital Marketing presence and Lead Generation.