SMBs have limited resources at their disposal, and hence they need to ensure that these resources perform at an optimum level. A business needs its employees to perform to the best of their abilities. All necessary steps should be taken to help them be more productive in their work. One of the ways to boost employee productivity is to provide them with the essential tools, systems, and processes that can empower them to work at their maximum potential. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is one such solution that will help empower your employees and boost their productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a new-age customizable business management solution that brings together the sales, service, finance, and operations teams of an SMB under one roof.  It helps small businesses to adapt faster and streamline business processes. It is easy to use and provides excellent flexibility.

Let us look at how Business Central can help boost productivity.

1. Integrated end-to-end business management solution

As mentioned earlier, Business Central integrates the sales, service, finance, and operations functions of a business. Each of these departments generates large volumes of data. If these departments use different systems, then it will create data silos. Collating this distributed data is highly time-consuming and can lead to multiple errors.

However, with Business Central being an integrated system, the business-wide data is available to stakeholders at their fingertips. A business saves a lot of time and resources in collating this data and making it available to the concerned authorities. It allows the stakeholders to make quick data-based decisions that provide them with a competitive edge.

2. Data accessibility and availability

Business Central can be deployed as an on-cloud solution. The users can access it from any internet-enabled device. Also, with an increase in internet penetration, users can avail data 24*7*365. It can also be accessed easily on different browsers.

It ensures that the communication flow between employees is smooth in the current environment of a distributed and remote workforce. It also allows easy, uninterrupted, and seamless data exchange between different employees. Business Central also provides user role-based data access protocols, thus providing an extra level of data security.

3. Automation

Business Central allows users to automate tasks and create automated workflows. It helps employees to automate time-consuming manual tasks and execute them quickly.

Let us consider an example to understand its use case. Let us assume that your inventory levels are at a point wherein you need to re-order stock. If the business uses Business Central, they can set rules for the inventory levels. An automatic purchase order is created if the inventory falls below a specific point. It prevents employees’ time in manually checking the inventory levels. It may also evade any manual data-entry errors in the purchase orders.

That’s how efficient and beneficial it is for the employees, and this is just one small part of the bigger pie. There are various other use cases; businesses can optimize their processes through workflow automation. 

4. Provide real-time insights

Since Business Central is a web-enabled single coherent business-wide system, it can capture data in real-time. It also provides real-time insights based on the historical data and the continuous data it captures. It helps businesses to analyze market trends. They can create strategies to navigate the market changes efficiently. It provides them great flexibility and enables them to change their course when required swiftly. 

It can also help businesses identify any issues through data analysis and take corrective measures to prevent any damage. Real-time insights also assist employees in forecasting accurately. As they get real-time updates, they have better insights into the current state of affairs and can act instantaneously as per the situation.

5. Predictive Analytics and Reporting

Business Central provides predictive analytics based on historical data. It can help the sales teams to prioritize the leads in their funnel. It can also identify and suggest upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities to the sales team employees during a sales cycle.

It can also predict inventory replenishment requirements based on the current market demands, actual inventory available, and sales forecasts. It can help employees estimate the period for which the stock will last and prevent items from being out-of-stock.

It also allows employees to create customized reports as per their requirements easily with basic technical knowledge and little support from their IT team. The users can create rich, engaging, immersive, and interactive dashboards in a matter of minutes from the data available to them and present it to the relevant stakeholders.   

6. Familiar Interface with strong integration capabilities

Business Central has strong native integration capabilities with other solutions part of the Microsoft ecosystem like Power BI, Azure, Office 365, etc. Also, the interface of all these solutions is very similar, and hence users do not have to invest much time in getting acquainted with Business Central.

Business Central is also compatible with most of the popular third-party applications. It saves a substantial amount of time that might have been spent on data migration or integration. The time saved can be used by employees to focus on their key responsibilities and help boost their productivity.

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