In an age where IT disrupts businesses, a company’s software can provide a competitive edge. Hence, the choice of software can be critical to your business. A common dilemma business often face is choosing between deploying an off-the-shelf software solution or developing customized software for their business. Each use case has its benefits. In this blog, we share the advantages of developing custom software for your business.

1. Built as per business requirements and specifications

Each business follows a specific set of systems and processes, which might be unique to them. Custom software can be developed keeping in mind these systems and processes. It can be built as per the requirements of each department. It ensures that all the business-critical features are present in the software.

An off-the-shelf software solution will come with pre-defined features and functionalities and may offer little room for customization. These may not always suit your business requirements. It may also happen that none of the software solutions available in the market meets your specifications and custom software development is the best option.

2. Provide Competitive Edge

When a business undertakes custom software development, it usually is a business-wide effort. Experts from different departments work together to create a tailor-made solution that can help solve the challenges. A company has complete knowledge about its business model, future plans, industry insights, and customer insights.

If developed effectively, the business will benefit significantly from it as it is custom made, and no other competitors have access to it. It can allow them to march ahead of the competition and gain a competitive advantage.

3. Complete control and flexibility

One major benefit that custom-made software offers is complete control. A company can schedule maintenance and updates at its convenience. If a business wants to introduce new features, it can do so easily. They can modify any existing features and functionalities as they own the software. They can ensure that these new features align with the current systems and processes and are compatible with the already deployed existing solutions they are using.

On the other hand, all this is not true for an off-the-shelf solution. It may also be possible that the new feature or technology that a company wants to introduce is not available or compatible with the company’s existing internal solutions. The company also has no control over the updates and maintenance schedules of the software if they are using an off-the-shelf solution.

4. Provide better RoI in the long term

Custom software development requires a significant upfront investment. Modern ready-made software solutions often charge recurring fees monthly or annually based on the number of users, and hence in comparison, companies pay considerably lesser initially.

However, if we consider over a long period, the costs average out. Also, in the case of ready-made solutions, they can increase their charges at any point in time. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, it may have specific limitations in terms of modifications. It may require the business to make additional investments for these modifications or if they want to switch to another software.

All in all, if we consider a long-term perspective, a business may receive a better return on their investments from a custom-made software solution.

5. Uninterrupted Support and maintenance

The companies that provide ready-to-use software solutions also support and maintain it. It may so happen that the company launches an upgraded version and will stop providing support for an older version. In such a scenario, a business will have to upgrade to the newer version or switch to another solution. Also, the company offering the solution may close down and hence can no longer provide any support.

Suppose a business has custom-developed the solution. In that case, the company will have either an internal team or an external partner who would provide them uninterrupted support, more often than not, for years.

6. Lesser security risks

A company using a custom-made solution may be less vulnerable to outside attacks. These may be due to several reasons.

Firstly, it requires a significant amount of knowledge about how software functions to hack it or compromise its security. An outsider may not have an in-depth understanding of the software and its tech stack.

Secondly, the risk-reward ratio of hacking into software used by just one company vis-à-vis hacking into a software deployed by multiple companies is lesser.

If someone wants to target a company specifically, they can try and hack the software. However, the benefits of targeting it are far lesser than the effort required. Hence the chances of a security threat are lesser in comparison to a widely-used off-the-shelf solution.

7. Boost Employee productivity

The custom-made software solutions are built based on the inputs of employees. These employees are the end-users of the software and are well aware of the challenges they face daily. If the software is built to cater to these challenges specifically, the employees will be able to work more effectively. It will increase their efficiency and boost employee productivity as the software will help them solve their challenges.

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About the author:
Chirag Thakkar – Sr. Digital Marketing Consultant

At Direction Software LLP, Chirag works with the Marketing Team to enhance the Digital Marketing presence and Lead Generation.